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Web Hosting Provider Suffered REvil Ransomware Attack

As ransomware attacks are on a rise, we see a continuous increase in the victim list. The recent ransomware attack has hit the web hosting provider The service reportedly went down after the incident. Disclosed Ransomware Attack

On November 16, 2020, the web hosting service posted an update regarding an ‘unscheduled service interruption’. Initially, they didn’t disclose any details as they continued investigating the matter. However, the following day, disclosed to have suffered a ransomware attack.

As revealed, the incident impacted a limited number of websites. However, to prevent the spread of the attack to more customers, the service providers pulled off their entire system.

After that, they started working to restore the service as safely as possible. Besides, they also involved law enforcement agencies as well.

Initially, they also faced problems in communicating with the customers via support tickets. Yet, they resolved it after some time.

Until the time of writing this article, the vendors haven’t shared any other details about the incident. As they stated in the notice,

The Support team is not able to share details such as ETA or server status at this time, but as above we will communicate updates as they become available.

REvil Demands $500K As Ransom

Although the vendors have admitted and disclosed a ransomware attack hitting their systems, they didn’t reveal details about the ransomware type, demanded ransom amount, and whether or not they will pay the ransom.

However, according to Bleeping Computer, has fallen prey to the infamous REvil (or Sodinokibi) ransomware.

The attackers have asked for $500,000 in Monero (XMR) to be paid within 5 days. The deadline ends on November 24, 2020, after which, the ransom would be doubled if fails to pay.

At present, it isn’t clear whether the attackers have stolen the data before encryption. In case they did, then the incident would bring great trouble for all customer websites.

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