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BLE Hero is a comprehensive development tool for engineers, software developers, or anyone developing Bluetooth Low Energy enabled products or applications.

Light and Dark Modes!

– Video Tutorials Under the Help Section

DFU Support:
– Nordic Semiconductor
– Cypress, Silabs, + STMicro coming soon

BLE Scanning:
– Company IDs from Bluetooth SIG
– Search function: Search by any values included in advertisement data
– Real-time RSSI plot for each discovered peripheral
– Real-time estimated advertisement interval
– Full listing of all advertisement data for each discovered peripheral
– Favorites support
– Ability to permanently ignore devices
– Locator Mode!

– Ability to maintain connections to many devices at the same time

GATT Interactions:
– Attempt reconnection from anywhere in the app! No need to return to the scan results to reconnect

– Explore GATT services, characteristics, and descriptors

– Read characteristics, notifications/indications
—-> Display formats: HEX, ASCII, or UInt8 byte array
—-> Read and notification history with timestamps within characteristic view

– Write characteristics
—-> HEX, ASCII, and Decimal keyboards
—-> Write formats: HEX, ASCII, and Decimal
—-> Viewable write history with timestamps within characteristic view

– Descriptors and descriptor values

– Notifications/Indications

– Most detailed logging available
– Search function to search for specific events
– Logging occurs at a low level, providing detailed information about all BLE events
– Advertisement data
– Connection events with error descriptions
– Disconnection events with error descriptions
– Read/write characteristic events with error descriptions
– Notification/indication events
– GATT discovery events
– System status events
– Fully configurable: enable or disable each of the log event types
– Export logs as text files via email, text, etc…, or save to files

By Joe Bakalor

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