Spanish Telecom Giant MasMovil Suffered Ransomware Attack

The REvil ransomware gang has recently made it to the news (though it never stayed out) due to the devastating Kaseya supply-chain attack. While the entire focus of the cybersecurity world is on Kaseya, the attackers quietly went on with their activities. As revealed, the Spanish telecom giant MasMovil has also fallen prey to the REvil ransomware in the latest attack.

REvil Ransomware Gang Targeted Spanish Telecom MasMovil

Recently, the REvil ransomware gang has claimed to have targeted the Spanish telecommunication giant MasMovil.

MasMovil Ibercom S.A. is currently the fourth-largest telecommunication firm in Spain with over 11.3 million clients.

REvil seemingly disclosed this incident on or before June 30, 2021, hinting that the attack potentially happened before Kaseya’s fiasco.

According to, the REvil ransomware gang has disclosed this activity on its official dark web blog. The attackers claimed to have downloaded “databases and other important data” from MasMovil’s network.

While they haven’t leaked this data yet on their site, they did share some screenshots to back this claim. These images show folders named RESELLERS, OCU, PARLEM, backup, Agencias, and more.

Though Hackread stated that MasMovil had admitted the cybersecurity incident, currently, MasMovil hasn’t released a statement regarding the ransomware attack.

It also remains unclear how REvil made it to MasMovil’s network, how much ransom they demand, and whether or not they have received the ransom. Nonetheless, considering the earlier practice of the attackers to leak stolen data if the victim fails to pay, REvil might dump MasMovil’s data on its leak site if the telecom giant doesn’t pay the ransom.

REvil has a history of demanding exceptionally high amounts of ransom from big firms. Their highest demand came up recently when they offered a universal decryptor for all Kaseya victims for $70 million. Before that, they asked Acer to pay $50 million for the decryptor.

Often, to keep things going, the victim firms prefer to pay such huge amounts as well. One such example from the recent REvil victims is that of JBS Foods that paid $11 million.

Let’s see how things unfold in the coming days.

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