Apple Fixed The Nasty iOS WiFi Bug With The Latest iOS 14.7

Weeks after bearing with the weird iOS WiFi bug, Apple users can finally be at ease as Apple have now patched it. Also, with iOS 14.7, the tech giant has fixed other security vulnerabilities as well. Therefore, users should update their devices at their earliest to stay safe from potential exploitation.

iOS WiFi Bug Fixed

Recently, Apple has rolled out the iOS 14.7 update for iPhone and iPad users that fixed the iOS WiFi bug.

Briefly, the bug first made it to the news in June when researcher Carl Schou noticed that connecting to a WiFi with a strange SSID containing “%s%p” could brick the WiFi functionality.

While it was easy to fix with a simple network settings reset, it got weird later. Schou spotted that connecting to another awkwardly named WiFi network led to seemingly irreversible damage.

Although, the researchers could figure out a fix for it that involved the manual deletion of bad SSIDs. However, since it was a hectic workaround, a fix was necessary.

Thus, Apple has finally patched it with iOS 14.7 whilst identifying the bug as CVE-2021-30800. Describing the impact and the fix in its advisory, Apple stated,

Joining a malicious Wi-Fi network may result in a denial of service or arbitrary code execution.
This issue was addressed with improved checks.

Other iOS 14.7 Patches

Along with the above fix, Apple has also patched numerous other vulnerabilities with the latest iOS.

These include four different arbitrary code execution bugs in WebKit, a TCC bypass reported by TrendMicro, and others.

The patches are available for iPhone 6s and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad Pro (all models), iPad 5th gen and later, iPad mini 4 and later, and iPod touch (7th gen).

Since the patches are out, all users with devices eligible for updates must ensure updating at the earliest.

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