Knights of the Old Republic returns with remake that is a timed exclusive to PS5

One of the best Star Wars games is back. Developer Aspyr is creating a remake of the original Knights of the Old Republic, and the developer showed it off during the PlayStation Showcase today.

Lucasfilm Games teased the project with a small cinematic that showed off one of the game’s key Sith. For this game, Aspyr is using the name Knights of the Old Republic Remake. And it said that the project is “remade for the PlayStation 5.”

In a blog post, Aspyr Media lead producer Ryan Treadwell confirmed that Knights of the Old Republic is launching as a console exclusive on PlayStation 5.

“Why remake Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic? Well, nearly 20 years after it first debuted, the original KOTOR is still one of the most beloved games of all time,” writes Treadwell. “And even as Star Wars travels to new horizons, we know the community is as eager as ever to return to this iconic era of storytelling and action.”

Knights of the Old Republic originally debuted in 2003 for Xbox and PC, and it would go on to sell over 3 million copies. It was one of the best games of that year and that generation thanks to developer BioWare’s storytelling as well as its capability to present players with interesting choices. It also brought an older era of Star Wars to a game for the first time.

Aspyr and Sony did not provide a timing for release.

“Remake is a tremendous undertaking, encompassing almost every aspect of the original game,” writes Treadwell. “We’re still early in development, but we’re happy to finally have announced the remake and hear the PlayStation community’s thoughts on what you’re excited to see.”

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