Monster Hunter Rise coming to PC in January 2022

Capcom announced today that Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC via Steam on January 12, 2022.

A trailer for the PC version of the game dropped on the opening day of the Tokyo Game Show event. The Steam version of the game includes several features that the original version — which launched for Switch on March 26, 2021 — doesn’t have. These include support for 4K resolution and ultrawide displays, new high-resolution textures, and a high framerate.

The PC trailer also touts at least one feature that Switch players without an Online subscription will appreciate: voice chat. This will undoubtedly make hunts easier, if you’re able to actually speak with your partners. A demo for the PC version of Rise will be available on October 13, and it will feature both offline single player content as well as online multiplayer parts so that potential players can try both modes.

The trailer for the PC release also revealed a few pre-order bonuses players can obtain, including a Golden Retriever skin for Palamutes and a forest cat costume for Palicoes. The Deluxe Edition also includes several other cosmetics.

In addition to the PC release, Capcom also revealed a few more details about the upcoming Sunbreak expansion. The creature shown in its debut trailer is an Elder Dragon called Malzeno. Players will travel to a new area with a new base of operations, and while the developers wouldn’t describe any further, they did show some more footage of the castle ruins revealed in the trailer, where the skies apparently turn red at night. The Ceanataur monster will also return from previous games, as will several others.

Oh, and Monster Hunter Rise is also getting a Sonic collaboration sometime later this year. We don’t know what exactly this will involve, but it’s set to launch sometime before the end of the year.

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