Dreamscape partners with Zoe Immersive on VR learning experiences

Dreamscape Immersive announced today it is partnering with Zoe Immersive to use the latter’s tools to simplify 3D creation for VR experiences. Using Zoe, Dreamscape intends to build more immersive VR experiences such as virtual classrooms and training exercises.

Dreamscape has created both location-based VR entertainment and other experiences. The company also partnered with Verizon to create VR worlds specifically for learning and training. It also launched Dreamscape Learn, a collaboration with Arizona State University to create immersive learning environments. The company has five VR entertainment locations and has plans to expand further.

Zoe is a creation tool that allows users to easily create 3D experiences and environments with little-to-no background in coding or game design. HTC invested in Zoe in 2017, when it was called Apelab. The Zoe app is currently available for most VR headsets.

Dreamscape plans to use Zoe’s partnership to expand Dreamscape Learn, and Zoe’s tools will enable users to create their own virtual spaces specifically for their own purposes, such as custom-built VR classrooms. According to a statement from Dreamscape: “Using Zoe’s simple and visual interface, teachers and students can import 3D models by simply dragging and dropping objects into projects, as well as program interactivity into the learning environment with intuitive controls. Lesson plans and coursework quickly come to life as advanced, adaptive VR educational experiences.”

Walter Parkes, CEO of Dreamscape, said in a statement, “We see the future of education, work, and play as virtual activities, where shared social spaces serve as the backbone for learning, exploration, and problem-solving. Our vision is critical on making such spaces accessible and adaptable to all. Zoe Immersive’s toolset is a great democratizer of this process. By simplifying VR creation and putting these powerful tools into the hands of many, our companies hope to further expand the availability of the unique immersive VR experiences which can be built on the Dreamscape platform.”

In addition to learning experiences, Dreamscape will use Zoe’s tools to “develop training and professional learning applications for corporate and government entities.”

Emilie Joly, CEO of Zoe, said in a statement, “Zoe and Dreamscape are like-minded companies — we both believe in the power of virtual reality for everyone. Partnering with Dreamscape means that together we can bring new compelling ways for individuals and companies to influence learning and communication and do it in such a manner where anyone, regardless of their skills, can create 3D environments to share.”

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