Republic launches Fig Portfolio Shares for video game investment

Republic and Fig today announced a video game investment opportunity called Fig Portfolio Shares — Series 2021. The portfolio, which is open to everyone, consists of 10 investment projects.

Fig Portfolio Shares would include a diverse selection of games picked by Fig. At the moment, Fig intends to publish at least 10 portfolio products. Investors will receive dividends from the projects twice a year, starting when the first game releases and continuing until five years after the last one launches. They will also participate in the proceeds from primary and secondary NFT sales.

Traditionally, anyone who wishes to invest via Fig would put money towards a single game. Fig’s games include Psychonauts 2, Outer Wilds, and Pillars of Eternity 2. Chuck Pettid, the CEO of Republic, described the advantages of the portfolio shares in a statement, “Instead of investing in a single project which carries a higher degree of risk, you can now invest in Fig Portfolio Shares which lessens your risk because your investment is spread among multiple projects. The portfolio will consist of three reimagined legendary IPs from Atari, sequels and new IPs from developers like Rose City Games, and original titles from independent developers with successful track records.”

Justin Bailey, founder of Fig, added in a statement, “Fig was the first platform that allowed people to invest in a video game, but now with Republic we are able to create a portfolio of exciting projects in the video game space, an industry that has proven to be resilient to recession and has seen decades of consistent year-to-year growth. In just a year, three of Republics four most successfully funded companies have been in the video game space, which goes to show the success of our partnership.” Republic acquired Fig in 2020.

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