One of the best battery saving hacks for your iPhone is no longer available

[ad_1] There’s plenty to like about iOS 10 — assuming that it didn’t brick your iPhone or iPad — but you probably didn’t know that Apple has quietly killed off one of the neatest — and least-known — battery life hacks. If you’re anything like me and want to squeeze as much juice as possible from your iPhone’s… Continue reading

Ride hailing services aimed at women – “See Jane Go” is live today

[ad_1] Ride hailing services aimed at women drivers and passengers are a small but growing niche. See Jane Go is officially up and running today; drivers and passengers can download the app on iOS or Android to get started. SafeHer will be launching in Boston this fall with plans to expand to four cities soon… Continue reading

Safely Tie Fishing Hooks With an Empty Dental Floss Dispenser

Fish hooks can be dangerous to work with, especially if you’re inexperienced. An empty dental floss dispenser can keep the pointy, barbed end away from your fingers while you tie on your line. In this video from the MAD Science Hacks YouTube channel, you’ll learn a clever way to repurpose something you’d normally throw away…. Continue reading

CoinOut Wants To Digitize The Pennies In Your Pocket

If you like paying with cash, but never want to deal with loose coins, this app will send your alter to your telephone. Who is not frustrated at coming residence with a pocket complete of loose alter? Properly, just like practically each and every small thing else in the universe, there is an app for… Continue reading