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How to Create Your Own Audio Streaming Server (WebRadio) [Windows]

Audio Streaming Server (Radio)

What is a Streaming Audio Server
Its an application that will allow you to “stream” or send a continuous block of data to a client. In a few words, it will allow you to put your own radio station online, where it will be feed by sound files lying around your hardrive, and then clients will connect to the server, and will have the chance to listen whats being playing, just like a plain old school radio station, only that this one is digital, thus allowing better quality, and management is really simple after you follow some simple steps in the initial configuration.

For this tutorial, we’ll use two available solutions, both are very good in the sense they do their job well, so its up to you to decide which one to pick up in the endRead More »How to Create Your Own Audio Streaming Server (WebRadio)