Firefox Extension Development Tutorial

This tutorial has been created for individuals wanting to develop full-featured extensions for the Mozilla Firefox browser. The tutorial has been constructed as a step-by-step guide providing many examples, explanations, and external references to help the reader have a full understanding of extension development. Please use the menu on the left to navigate through this …

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How to Teach Your Cat to Give a Handshake

Cats are some of the most amazing, intelligent animals on earth. They're also some of the most stubborn. But that doesn't mean they can't be taught to do tricks on command. With a little patience and a lot of love, your kitty can be a world class performer in no time! Steps:

Make Your Own Custom PC

PCMag.com guides you to make your own PC from scratch.. To technologically timid folks, there’s something mysterious or even scary about the inner workings of a computer: Press the wrong button and your e-mail goes away. Delete the wrong icon and suddenly Microsoft Word appears to have vanished from your world. And all of this …

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