Lenovo upgraded IdeaPad U310 [Review]

The IdeaPad U310 for Lenovo comes in two versions, namely the ultrabook and non-ultrabook version. While the non-ultrabook version retails for about $700, the ultrabook version retails for about $800 putting it in the category of affordable high performance ultrabooks.

Dosh Wallets’ 2.0 Features and its Great Review

Dosh is an internationally recognized and world class wallet making company. It is very popular for producing quality wallets in different designs, sizes and materials that successfully satisfy the needs and requirements of its customers. One of the best features of Dosh manufactured wallets is that there are different and relevant designs for people from every walk of life. Dosh has produced a range of wallets specifically designed for Business men. These wallets hold special slots which allow business men to keep their business cards or debit cards safe in their wallets.

An Easy Guide to How In-Car GPS Navigation Works

But do you know how GPS actually works in getting you from A to B? Read our simple guide to satellite navigation so you have all the answers at hand the next time someone asks “how does that work?”

Galaxy Ace Plus is a Great Budget Smartphone

There are plenty of features and awesome specifications in the newly released Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500. Now this Smartphone is available in India also which indicates that the company, Samsung Electronics has had a customer-centric approach, targeting towards the middle class society. This phone has obviously got the excellent Android platform and comes packed with 3G facility.