What are you teaching your software developers?

Source ZDnet Asia Most organizations don’t have a formal apprenticeship program for software developers. There is no journeyman for software development. However, most software developers today learn as much through their interaction with other developers as they learned during their formal education. So if your software developers are learning how to be software developers through… Continue reading

Google and Flickr integration with Gtalkr

Website Gtalkr is a Flash-based web app designed to bring your Google apps (Gmail and Google Talk) together with Flickr, YouTube, and newsfeeds for an all-in-one media and communications mega-package. Get:Google Talk Chat with your friends online anywhere, anytime. Gtalkr also allows you to search your conversations just like in Gmail. Flickr, YouTube Explore all… Continue reading

Search engine privacy FAQ

CNET publishes an informative question and answer regarding search engine usage and privacy – specifically, what information Google et al has on what you’ve searched the web for, and what they can do with it. Q: Does Google collect and record people’s search terms whether they’re logged in or not? Yes. Google confirmed this week… Continue reading