Android will send push notifications to new devices added into your account

[ad_1] Google today rolled out a new feature for Android users designed to keep their accounts more secure: notifications about newly added devices. That is, when a new device is added to your Google account, you’ll receive a push notification on your current Android device about the security event. The notification will ask, “Did you… Continue reading

iMessage – make self-destructing messaging with Confide

[ad_1] Confide, the confidential messaging app that launched back in 2013, has today announced an integration with iMessage in iOS 10. As part of iOS 10’s new iMessage features, which incorporates apps right within the iMessage application, Confide users will be able to send self-destructing messages direct from their texts. Confide for iMessage will support… Continue reading know more about your twitter followers

In simple words it lets you know more about your followers. It’s a pretty short version of analytics of a twitter user to understand them and the tweets they mostly talk about, who mostly they connect to. is a third-party Twitter service that renders instant detailed information about a particular Twitter user’s latest 200 posts. It would generally take hours of scouting and pulling together information from hundreds of posts to scrape up some sort of insight into the user’s topic interests on Twitter. does this in a flash, providing 3 tag clouds which represent the user’s key topics on Twitter.

Nvidia Tegra – will be on Google Android too

Last year worlds leading graphics processor producing company NVIDIA Corporation introduced the Tegra family of processors, the first single-chip computer capable of the rich high definition and internet experiences we’ve come to expect from our PCs, but on small pocket type devices. NVIDIA Tegra is a tiny computer-on-a-chip, smaller than a US dime (10-cent piece),… Continue reading