Top 5 Reliable Sites to Outsource your Software Development Work

With no compromise on quality the cost-effective solution is the basic concern of a business. However, when it comes to outsourcing software development the reliability factor becomes the basic concern.

Hence, each business or an individual always looks for reliable sites to outsource the software development work.

It is a good trend that the freelance work exchange is getting popular. Businesses are not only able to have their work done in the best price from the best available service provider but they can also network with each other which is good for strengthening businesses and creating job opportunities.Read More »Top 5 Reliable Sites to Outsource your Software Development Work

Android Face Unlock

How Secure is Android’s Face Unlock Feature?

Android Face Unlock

Sometime during the end of2011, Google had launched Android 4.0. This OS was popularly known as ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich and just like all the other Android OSs, it came with a number of features. However, the one particular feature that got much attention was the “face unlock” function. This feature could literally unlock your phone by a function that recognized your face. Although it was initially thought to be very cool, the excitement died down a bit when people realized that the phone could be tricked with something as simple as the photo of the phone’s owner. Google immediately rectified this in its Android 4.1, the Jelly Bean by ensuring that the face that is used to unlock the phone was that of a living human that actually breathes.Read More »How Secure is Android’s Face Unlock Feature?

How to Burn a DMG File [Windows]

The DMG file format is a proprietary disc image format developed by Apple that is commonly used on the Mac OS X operating system. The DMG format is very versatile and allows for the image to be password protected and compressed facilitating easy distribution on public networks without violating software licenses.

Because the software is native to the Mac OS it is easy to burn this format on the native OS but for users on the Windows platform this is not so, and there are very few free programs that will support burning DMG files. Here we will discuss how to burn a DMG file using the Windows OS.

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Lenovo upgraded IdeaPad U310 [Review]

The IdeaPad U310 for Lenovo comes in two versions, namely the ultrabook and non-ultrabook version. While the non-ultrabook version retails for about $700, the ultrabook version retails for about $800 putting it in the category of affordable high performance ultrabooks.

The major upgrade that this ultrabook sports is the addition of Ivy Bridge with a third generation i5 1.7 GHz processor; compared to its predecessor that had a second generation i7 1.7 GHz processor. This ultrabook takes a lot of cues from the MacBook Air’s design. It is an aluminium slab with a 13.3” screen that has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. It even sports an island keyboard which unfortunately is not backlit. Compared to its predecessor, the click pad is more responsive and has fewer issues.Read More »Lenovo upgraded IdeaPad U310

Galaxy Ace Plus is a Great Budget Smartphone

There are plenty of features and awesome specifications in the newly released Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500. Now this Smartphone is available in India also which indicates that the company, Samsung Electronics has had a customer-centric approach, targeting towards the middle class society. This phone has obviously got the excellent Android platform and comes packed with 3G facility.
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Will Facebook Help to Keep A Limit on Petrol Prices?

A new Facebook group which is campaigning for lower petrol prices has reached more than 300,000 members at the time of writing. The group plans to boycott petrol stations across the UK on April the 1st, encouraging drivers to stock up on fuel in the upcoming days and negate filling up on Friday the 1st. It is hoped that the boycott, although only for 24 hours, will warn petrol stations and fuel companies of the power the consumer holds.

Recently, it was reported that petrol had risen to more than £6 per gallon.Read More »Will Facebook Help to Keep A Limit on Petrol Prices?