Galaxy Ace Plus is a Great Budget Smartphone

There are plenty of features and awesome specifications in the newly released Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500. Now this Smartphone is available in India also which indicates that the company, Samsung Electronics has had a customer-centric approach, targeting towards the middle class society. This phone has obviously got the excellent Android platform and comes packed with 3G facility.

GTDAgenda – productivity web application to let you accomplish your goals and get your things done

Would you like to use a productivity application, to organize your activities, in work, business, or personal? Such as GTDAgenda web based productivity development tool. It’s a web project and task management application based on David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done). It has the features like Projects, Contexts and Next Actions. But also other unique features: Goals & Vision Wall. What are the Goals? Goals are bigger outcomes you want to reach, with a deadline. A goal can be accumulation of multiple projects.