Hictu – Keep your contacts updated in style

Hictu is a new Web application which allows users to provide and receive availability information about their contacts. Through a one-to-one, secure authorization mechanism users can invite their contacts and in just few minutes retrieve a useful set of information regarding their availability and communication means. It supports majority of communication platforms for each of your contacts, you can keep your contacts updated through Post including audio, video, text and RSS feed changes the virtual internet operating system is a collection of web 2.0 applications tied together inside a globally hosted operating system. So once you signup with their operating system you’ll be given a separate space for you including the operating systems applications. It gives you the mobility of using the same operating system from anywhere. The concept is to virtually present a pc with an operating system using your regular web browser. By default you will get a 3GB space upon signup. It actually consists of many web 2.0 applications in a single connected web operating system environment. I personally find it amazing and yes i would really like to see the future development of this product. Entirely powered by Adobe Flash, Javascript and Ajax brings you the streamlined web 2.0 operating system on your hand. It includes several games, powerful RSS reader, Youtube explorer, file manager, desktop applications and more. You will be able to upload your own files, presentations, documents, articles and maintain those inside the OS. It’s still at the alpha stage of development and I am sure there will be lot more features once it is completed.

FeedFlash generating flash reusable RSS widgets

FeedFlash can help you creating Flash based RSS widgets to display your feeds on any sites accepting embedded html codes. It’s an interesting way to show whats new on your other sites like myspace, blogger and others which you can insert html codes. FeedFlash is a very easy-to-use tool that lets you create RSS reader widget. Just enter your desirable URL or feed link and FeedFlash will supply you a script code to embed to your blog. You can also choose your favorites color for this reader.