Twing – The Forum Search Engine

There have been many kind of search engines such as Web Page search, Image Search, Blog Search, Product search, Group Search, Usenet search and even people search. Twing is a brand new search engine. But Why? Why do we need Twing search engine? To enlighten that matter we need to know what Twing is all about. As a full time web developer and part time blog writing job it’s always been my activity to be very busy with public PHP, ASP.NET and many other forums. Forums are discussion boards to find out and at the same time share your answers to the large community of Individuals. I’ve seen forums and boards containing 1 million users and few hundred thousands of posts. Now it can give you a real hard time if you want to find suitable topics of your interest. Well this is where Twing breaks the ice.Twing is a forum content and topics search engine that can smoothen your daily need to search on forums around the globe. Yes I know Google does covers the overall search but if you need to search inside forum topics specifically, it wont be that easy with Google. Twing is designed in the manner of Web 2.0 standards and presents the search results in a friendly manner.

GameSkoot – Web 2.0 Video Games Search Engine

GameSkoot is a dedicated search engine for gamers who would like to find detailed information regarding Video Games News, Tips and Tricks, Tests, Cheats and Forum Topics. The interface is Web 2.0 ready, looks simple and trendy. It allows you to add the search engine in your Browser search bar, so it will be convenient to search right from your browser.