WebKlipper allows you to annotate any website and share it easily

There are times when you really like to comment on pieces of information from a web site. Usually what we do is copy and paste certain part of that website and email that to our friends or share with others. Having said that; it doesn’t solve all the issues of missing images and formatting problems. Then there came WebKlipper. Personally I found it the most easiest way of sharing interesting parts of websites. Lets take a look inside shall we.. – one click solution for publishing to all your social networks made the revolution of one click publishing to the social networks which enables you to post status updates, micro-blogging and blogging to multiple social networks at the same time. Remember it’s not only an one click multiple social networks publishing engine but also a superb marking tool if you use it wisely. A few social networks to mention are myspace, facebook, friendster, tumblr, twitter, bebo, seesmic, linkedin, friendfeed, plaxo, livejournal,,, flickr, jaiku, delicious, hi5, multiply, yahoo 360.