Web 2.0

Confiles – Share your Configuration Files

Confiles lets you share your common configuration files at ease, you can store your configurations files and share them with other people or access them remotely anytime and from everywhere. Have you ever missed your old xorg.conf or that htaccess file with IP restrictions? Do you use common .INI or XML configurations in many PC/Desktops? Do you often setup different computers in different locations?

Jaiku – A new Edge of Twitter

Jaiku is another web presence site which you might have already seen in similar services like Twitter and Pownce. There are a few variations of Twitter in different languages. Previously I’ve wrote about Twitter. Twitter clouded the whole internet in a very short time. Jaiku is offering something which is like twitter but with some additional functionality. Lets take a look what Jaiku is offering currently.

Hictu – Keep your contacts updated in style

Hictu is a new Web application which allows users to provide and receive availability information about their contacts. Through a one-to-one, secure authorization mechanism users can invite their contacts and in just few minutes retrieve a useful set of information regarding their availability and communication means. It supports majority of communication platforms for each of your contacts, you can keep your contacts updated through Post including audio, video, text and RSS feed changes

Symbaloo – Simple yet effective search concept

Symbaloo is a new concept for searching things over the internet. Simple way to search the internet. Users can easily find information about: websites, videos, traveling, music, TV, medical, movies, phone numbers, translations, flight tickets, recopies, traffic, weather, and many other handy things that users look for on their daily dose of internet. Now it is accessible within a single click.