WebKlipper allows you to annotate any website and share it easily

There are times when you really like to comment on pieces of information from a web site. Usually what we do is copy and paste certain part of that website and email that to our friends or share with others. Having said that; it doesn’t solve all the issues of missing images and formatting problems. Then there came WebKlipper. Personally I found it the most easiest way of sharing interesting parts of websites. Lets take a look inside shall we..

Foller.me know more about your twitter followers

In simple words it lets you know more about your followers. It’s a pretty short version of analytics of a twitter user to understand them and the tweets they mostly talk about, who mostly they connect to. Foller.me is a third-party Twitter service that renders instant detailed information about a particular Twitter user’s latest 200 posts. It would generally take hours of scouting and pulling together information from hundreds of posts to scrape up some sort of insight into the user’s topic interests on Twitter. Foller.me does this in a flash, providing 3 tag clouds which represent the user’s key topics on Twitter.